June 19, 2013

Plants for Lemonade – Basic Economy and Ecology in Lund’s Early Childhood Education Program

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What do you get when you mix lemon juice + water + sugar + Lund employees?  Tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, onions, beans and flowers, of course!


Lemonade1  lemonade2

How does this all add up?

The older toddlers and their teachers recently pursued a novel way to acquire plants for their newly established raised beds by running a homemade lemonade stand where the refreshing treat was handed over in exchange for a plant for their garden.  Setting up outside Lund’s new building at 50 Joy Drive, the children encouraged staff members to stop by and try their lemonade.  They had plenty of willing customers who handed over tomato plants, strawberry plants, carrot seeds and more.

Early childhood educator, Laura Murphy, explained that there was also a strong educational component behind this exercise as well as it being a great way to fill their garden beds.  “It’s about social interactions for the children and it is also about responsibility and following through on the commitment that we made to the community.  They might not necessarily want to be making lemonade all day but we said that we would be here so we need to follow through on that.  There is also a lot of science involved.  We experimented with lemonade recipes and the children practiced measuring and adapting the quantities to make the lemonade taste good.”

The children were enthusiastic in greeting their customers, handing over lemonade with fancy straws and receiving the plants for their garden.  Having a firm connection to the food that they eat is an important aspect of the nutrition program at LECP.

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