July 12, 2013

Lund Employees Participate in All Staff Retreat

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Lund employs approximately 100 people some of whom often visit different programs and offices and some of whom are focused in only one place or work with only one team.   There is so much happening here and while it all comes under the broad umbrella of helping children and families to thrive, there is real value fore everyone in taking time to learn about what other programs do and how they operate.   This helps the agency to be more unified and to ultimately ensure that we are serving the clients in the best possible way and that they have efficient access to everything that they need.

Education and exchange was the theme of this spring’s all staff retreat.  Each team or department made a presentation about what they do.  Some required audience participation – ‘Hollywood Squares’ from the finance and operations team, Jeopardy from the Learning Together Coordinator, making magic potions and blowing bubble pictures from the Early Education Program and a dramatic reenactment of client intake from the large group of people who staff the many different aspects of the residential treatment program.  There were also informative presentations from the admin and hr team, adoption department, community treatment and development teams.  “I enjoyed the presentations given by each of the programs, where we had to move around the room and have the actual experiences that the clients have when they interact with services at Lund.  It was very informative,” said one Lund employee.

A very exciting introduction was also given to a new system that will help Lund track the outcomes of the programs and services which will have a hugely beneficial effect on the whole agency.  (Stay tuned to the Lund blog for more information on that project)

Even with a whole day in which to do so, it was hard to recount everything that Lund does.

This time to step back and reflect also allowed for colleagues to connect with people that they don’t directly work with. “My favorite was the team building exercise at the end, ” said one valiant Lund employee, “because it allowed me the chance to talk with people and find out more about them.”

Energy was high in the room all day as information flowed back and forth between colleagues and new ideas and connections were discussed.  It was an extremely valuable experience for all and indicative of Lund’s commitment to knowing that a happy, well informed and well connected staff will much more effectively forward the mission of the organization.

Getting to work on bubble pictures with Elsa from LECP

Getting to work on bubble pictures with Elsa from LECP


Kathy from the finance team gets on with her bubble picture


Bob getting ready for a competitive game of Hollywood Squares

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