July 31, 2013

A new way to support Lund – TD Bank’s Affinity Program

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There are so many ways that our wonderful community members and friends support Lund with their generous donations of time, resources, energy, expertise and enthusiasm.  It is inspiring to see how many people give so widely to Lund.  And of course as a responsible non-profit, we don’t want to deny anybody the opportunity to support Lund in new and innovative ways.  So here is an easy one…

If you currently have a TD bank account or would like to open one, we invite you to show your “affinity to Lund” by linking your account to our organization.  By doing so, TD Bank will make a contribution to Lund at the end of this year.  No money is taken from your bank account, TD Bank will make the contribution. We need to have 50 Lund affinity members before December 2013.

This is very easy to do.  If you are a current TD Bank customer just call TD Bank at 802.658.0229 or visit any branch and ask to have your account(s) linked to Lund through the Affinity Membership Program. You will need to give Lund’s affinity code which is A3895.

I speak from actual experience as I did this just the other day and the representative who helped me was extremely polite and helpful.  It was a very easy experience despite my not knowing my account number and only offering the vaguest confirmation of a recent transaction – “Umm, I think I maybe spent $17 ish at Shaw’s or maybe Hannafords on Tuesday or perhaps Thursday.”   The TD Bank program is designed to help non-profits in as simple a way as possible.

If you are not a TD Bank customer, but would like to support Lund, you can receive a reward for opening a new TD Bank checking account.  You will receive $25 when you open a new, non-interest bearing checking account with TD Bank. When opening your new account be sure to mention that you would like to link your account to Lund through the TD Bank Affinity Membership Program.  Lund’s affinity code is A3895

Amy Cronin, Sponsorship and Events Coordinator is eager to promote this program,“The TD Bank Affinity Program is a great way for our supporters to facilitate a donation from the bank to Lund and we are so grateful to everyone who takes the time to complete the simple set up process. We need to have 50 accounts linked by December so please, if you bank with TD Bank, help them to help Lund”

Thank you for everything that you do for Lund.

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