September 5, 2013

Back to School with Gear4Grades and Gadue’s Dry Cleaning

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Did you know that the average cost for basic back to school supplies is $161.27* for an elementary school student?   This is before clothes, shoes and electronics are taken into account.  For many parents, this is prohibitively expensive and as school budgets for supplies are also being devastatingly slashed, children are being left without the supplies that they need.

Lund is very fortunate to have the support of two great programs that provide school supplies to our clients and their families so that the children can be ready for school with the important things that they need.   Gadue’s Dry Cleaning, a local business with seven locations in the Burlington area, has been donating school supplies to Lund for seven years.  Gear4Grades is a national program through Citizen’s Bank and this year provided Lund with 85 filled backpacks.  The program staff were delighted to receive the backpacks and eager to give them to the clients.  “These are great and the kids will love them,” said Elsa Tjiete of the Lund preschool.  The kids did indeed love them and were so enthusiastic that they all opened each packet of crayons to examine the contents one by one and many a glue stick saw exploratory exposure as well!

Backpacks were also distributed to the children of clients in all of the different programs at Lund, including Kids-A-Part and the children of Project Family which serves children currently in foster care in Vermont.

Monika Busse, Customer Service Manager at Gadue’s who coordinates the backpack donation program says, “It gives the students a decent start at the  school year and helps relieve the pressure on the parents a little.  We can’t give them everything but we can help this much.”  Gadue’s buys the backpacks for the program and collects supplies at their retail locations during July and August.  They then fill in the gaps by purchasing the supplies that are still needed.

We are very grateful at Lund to be the recipients of these practical and generous programs.  Thank you Citizen’s Bank and Gadue’s Dry Cleaning.  Your commitment to the early academic success of our students is touching and so needed.

Checking out the supplies - one by one!

Checking out the supplies – one by one!

*Figures from the Cincinnati Inquirer.

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