October 2, 2013

An Impressive Milestone for Karisa!

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Karisa Thompson is the finalization case manager at Lund and she works with our adoptive families in the final stages of their process to bring children into forever families.  Wanda Audette, Director of Adoption, stopped me the other day to ask that I come and take a photo of Karisa as she had reached the amazing milestone of her 500th finalization.  By the time I could take a photo she had reached 504.  By the time you read this, the total has probably jumped up yet again!

Finalization is the point in time where the court grants the petition to adopt of the adoptive parents and the child officially becomes part of the family.  The children can be anywhere from six months old to 17 years and 364 days old.  It is an exciting, joyful and celebratory time and is the end of the legal process of adoption.  “I love being in court,” says Karisa. “I like looking at the parents’ faces and the child’s face.  You can see a huge sigh of relief.  OK it’s done, I have them, they’re not going anywhere.”

Karisa has worked at Lund for nine years, seven of those in the adoption department.  She usually has around 30 children on her caseload at any time.  Some other impressive statistics to end:  Karisa once finalized six adoptions in one day and in her busiest month she finalized 15!

Thank you Karisa for all that you do to make forever families.

Karisa "500" Thompson at her desk at 50 Joy Drive.

Karisa “500” Thompson at her desk at 50 Joy Drive.



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  2. RDJ said,

    Great photo of a great Lund servant!

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