February 7, 2014

Have a Heart for Lund during February

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It’s hard to get away from heart themed activities, marketing campaigns and decorations at this time of year but at Lund we don’t mind at all.  Our Heart of the Community Awards dinner is coming up next week (stay tuned for more information about that) and we are taking as many other chances to use the heart in our logo while it’s seasonally relevant.  Not that we don’t have heart the rest of year!    We’re really thankful to Creative Habitat in South Burlington for diving head first into Valentine’s season as well with their ‘Have a Heart for Lund’ campaign during the month of February which will collect art supplies, paper, yarn, puzzles, and more for the programs at Lund.

Visitors to the store will be greeted by a beautiful display of rainbow hearts each with something from our wishlist on them.  Everyone who takes down a heart and purchases the item will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate.  The items purchased will go directly to the children and families at Lund.

The display at Creative Habitat holds the hearts with the wishlist items,

The display at Creative Habitat holds the hearts with the wishlist items.

It’s not just the Early Education Program that uses art supplies.  There have recently been water color and clay classes at New Horizons Educational Program and a group at our residential program where the women made  quilt that reflected topics that they were discussing as part of their treatment program – forgiveness, reflection, being present.  Women at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility who are connected to Lund through the Kids-A-Part program have regular knitting groups and often do craft projects with their children when they come to visit.  All across the programs at Lund there is  consistent need for art and crafts supplies.

Valentines colored hearts waiting to be picked up by a shopper.

Valentines colored hearts waiting to be picked up by a shopper.

During a recent visit to Creative Habitat, I overheard a shopper muttering under her breath, “Construction paper, construction paper, where is the construction paper?”  As she passed me, I saw that she had a Lund heart in her hand.  “It’s right here,” I said to her, pointing to the shelf that we were standing by.  “Thank you for having a heart for Lund,” I said.  She smiled and said, “It’s the least I can do.”  She walked away with a large stack of construction paper.

Can you join in and have a heart for Lund?

If you have any questions or would like to see items from the wishlist, please visit creativehabitatvt.com or call Amy at 448-3617.

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