August 28, 2014

Philanthropy Starting Early

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When Lisa Carter turned 11, she asked her friends and family to make a donation to Lund instead of buying her birthday presents.  She raised $96.20 to support Lund’s education, treatment, adoption and family support services.  Lisa came with her parents to the Hoehl Family Building at the end of the summer to present her donation and take a tour so that she could see the work that her gift would support.  Lisa’s father Matt has been on the Board of Lund in his current term since 2010 and was also a member prior to that.

We are so grateful to our many donors, supporters and friends who make gifts to Lund throughout the year but it is especially meaningful when the gifts come from young people who recognize the need of other children and families.  Lisa’s parents report that this was all her own idea.  Lisa said, ” It just makes me feel good to do it.” Thank you Lisa for thinking of others on your birthday and for making a generous gift to Lund.

Executive Director of Lund, Barbara Rachelson, with Lisa.

Executive Director of Lund, Barbara Rachelson, with Lisa.

Every single dollar we receive helps families to break cycles of poverty, abuse and addiction.  There are many ways that community members can support Lund:

1.  Make a donation  CLICK HERE
3.  Tell your Lund story.  Share with friends, family and colleagues how Lund has helped you or someone you know and how the organization has made a difference in the community.

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