December 8, 2014

Jeff Small Pioneer Award 2014

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Kristi Provost, Billing Support Specialist, was awarded the Jeff Small Pioneer Award at the All Staff Retreat last month.   The Jeff Small Pioneer Award is given to a Lund employee who shows focus on the mission of Lund, courageousness in doing what needs to be done, confidence in working to secure a brighter future for Lund and its clients and persistence in not giving up on a project even if the going is slow.  These were all qualities shown by former Lund board president Jeff Small, in whose honor the award is named.

Kristi has worked at Lund for almost 5 years.  First as an administrative assistant and receptionist in the front office at Glen Road, and now as the first employee in this newly created position where she is responsible for quality assurance of client records and billing across multiple programs as well as data collection and reporting.  In her new position, Kristi has also been helping to prepare Lund for the implementation of our new electronic data base and has helped streamline processes for obtaining information to adhere to our many reporting requirements.  “This was a role that was very much needed to support the growth of our programs, but did not yet have a lot of structure built into it,” said Courtney Farrell, Associate Director of Residential and Community Treatment.  “Kristi took what she already knew and identified what she needed to learn to meet the demands of the new position, often taking responsibility for her own learning and focusing on what she needed to do this job to the best of her ability. Kristi quickly learned so much about what each of our programs required and set up systems to manage an incredible amount of data in a way that decreased the burden for staff, and provided the management team new program information that we had never had before. Kristi often knows what is needed by each individual to do our jobs well (sometimes when we don’t even know!) and takes responsibility to provide us each with what we need.”

Executive Director Barbara Rachelson, Courtney, Kristi and Kim Coe, Director of Residential and Treatment Services

Executive Director Barbara Rachelson, Courtney, Kristi and Kim Coe, Director of Residential and Treatment Services

Kristi was surprised but pleased at being given this award, “It was a very unexpected surprise, but I was so moved by the recognition I received from the agency.  Working in the background, so to speak, you become accustomed to applauding the hard work that is being done for families on the front-line.  It is a very pleasant moment when it is brought to your attention that the work you do as an administrator to support all of the direct service providers really is making a difference in the way they are able to help support the children and families that we serve.”

In her free time Kristi enjoys spending time with her family hiking, baking, drawing and reading.

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