Lund was founded in 1890 as “The Home for Friendless Women,” has dedicated 120 years to providing essential family resources to the community and helping children thrive.  Lund has touched numerous lives across Vermont and beyond.  The organization has performed more than 9,000 adoptions (the population of Montpelier!) since its founding and the web stemming from those connections is incredible.

To add a deeper and more intimate understanding of the organization’s reach and impact, we are looking for contributions of Lund memorabilia, artifacts, and stories from people who have had an experience with the organization over the years.

Lund invites you to help tell the organization’s story.  Please share your Lund stories, Lund photos, and any items that might be an important piece of the organization’s history.

Use this blog to post your story or inform us of items and photos you wish to share. After posting your story, please also contact us so we can keep in touch with you to share how we are using your story and let you know when the travelling show will be near you.

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