August 28, 2014

Philanthropy Starting Early

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When Lisa Carter turned 11, she asked her friends and family to make a donation to Lund instead of buying her birthday presents.  She raised $96.20 to support Lund’s education, treatment, adoption and family support services.  Lisa came with her parents to the Hoehl Family Building at the end of the summer to present her donation and take a tour so that she could see the work that her gift would support.  Lisa’s father Matt has been on the Board of Lund in his current term since 2010 and was also a member prior to that.

We are so grateful to our many donors, supporters and friends who make gifts to Lund throughout the year but it is especially meaningful when the gifts come from young people who recognize the need of other children and families.  Lisa’s parents report that this was all her own idea.  Lisa said, ” It just makes me feel good to do it.” Thank you Lisa for thinking of others on your birthday and for making a generous gift to Lund.

Executive Director of Lund, Barbara Rachelson, with Lisa.

Executive Director of Lund, Barbara Rachelson, with Lisa.

Every single dollar we receive helps families to break cycles of poverty, abuse and addiction.  There are many ways that community members can support Lund:

1.  Make a donation  CLICK HERE
3.  Tell your Lund story.  Share with friends, family and colleagues how Lund has helped you or someone you know and how the organization has made a difference in the community.

August 12, 2014

Lund Ride for Children Bike Winners!

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The Lund Ride for Children on Sunday June 1, kicked off a beautiful summer for biking. Two of our riders will now be enjoying new bikes courtesy of North Star Sports, a long time friend of the Ride for Children.  Barb Hughes won a children’s bike in the raffle and plans to give it to her two year old granddaughter.  She hopes that she will practice her technique riding it around the basement during the winter months and be ready next Spring to hit the bike path.

Barb with J.P. of North Star Sports with the sweetest little purple bike.

Barb with J.P. of North Star Sports with the sweetest little purple bike.

Lund board member and dedicated supporter of the Lund Ride for Children, Katie Halsey, won her bike by rasing the most money through the Ride for Children for the women, children and families of Lund.  Katie raised $3455 herself which helped her team, the Bisby Bikers, to a total of $4755.    Katie plans to spend some time riding by the ocean this summer.

J.P. and Katie with Katie's new bike

J.P. and Katie with Katie’s new bike


North Star Sports have been involved in the Lund Ride for Children since it began six years ago.  Not only have they donated bikes but they run an onsite bike clinic on the morning of the ride and drive the all important SAG van that makes sure our riders stay safe on the course.  We are so grateful to J.P. and Pat and all our friends at North Star Sports for helping make our Ride for Children a success.

JP hard at work checking bikes during the 2013 Lund Ride for Children

JP hard at work checking bikes during the 2013 Lund Ride for Children

Thank you to these riders and to everyone who participated in the ride, donated or volunteered.  You raised $62,466 to provide hope, opportunity and family for women and children in Vermont.

July 29, 2014

First ever team Employee of the Quarter award

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The sight of lots of people gathered in the hallway of Lund’s Early Childhood Education Program last Friday afternoon was probably  confusing at first for the toddler looking out from the vantage point of his teacher’s arms but he soon picked up on the air of celebration and happiness amongst the crowd.  His teacher and all her colleagues were being awarded Lund’s first ever team Employee of the Quarter award.

Bringing joy to Joy Drive, every day.

Bringing joy to Joy Drive, every day.

Associate Director of Residential and Community Treatment, Courtney Farrell, read out a glowing nomination about the wonderful work that the 14 full-time and one part-time teachers at LECP do every single day.  “As a team, the teachers in childcare make a huge difference in the everyday lives of the children at Lund and embody our missions as an agency to help children and families thrive.  Their commitment to meeting the needs of children is so commendable and we are all so impressed with their work each and every day.”

LECP serves 50 of Vermont’s most vulnerable children and every day the teachers are faced with the challenging behaviors that come from a population living lives of constant transition and turmoil.  They give the children love, consistency, structure and fun and strive to spark their curiosity and imagination in every interaction.  There are hard moments of course but the progress that the children make under the love and supervision of these dedicated teachers is inspirational.  From playing with blue oobleck, to catching frogs, dancing, singing songs, reading the same book ten times back to back and hours of dramatic play inspired by the garbage truck that pulls up behind the playground, children are thriving at Lund’s Early Childhood Education Program thanks to the energy, love and commitment of their amazing teachers.

Congratulations to all the teachers.  Thank you for bringing joy to Joy Drive.

July 14, 2014

Doughnut Monday!

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Stand down! Not today!   We are releasing this article after the fact so that we aren’t overtaken by doughnut seekers.   The delicious doughnuts in the following pictures were made some weeks ago by the trainee bakers of the older toddler classroom at Lund’s Early Chidhood Education Program.  They have been baking regularly on Mondays, making snack to share with the other children and trying out exciting new recipes.  The doughnuts came about when older toddler teacher, Kent Huntoon, asked one of his students to choose from a recipe book.  The book fell open at doughnuts and the decision was made.

The children helped to mix the ingredients together, roll out the dough and cut the ‘O’ shapes.  The doughnuts were baked, not fried and mixed with spices that made the whole school smell like Thanksgiving!  The bounty was shared amongst the classrooms for snack.  And since I conveniently happened to be in the area right around snack time, I was invited to share some as well. They were delicious!

Kent and his helper work on cutting out the doughnut shapes.  Another friend worked on the holes.

Kent and his helper work on cutting out the doughnut shapes. Another friend worked on the holes.

Cooking with children is fun and can also be a great opportunity for learning.  Following a recipe encourages basic math skills – measuring ingredients, figuring out what comes first, second, third – and helps with reading and introduces new vocabulary.  It is also a very sensory experience as children get to put their hands in the dough, use a rolling pin, hear the mixer whirring, smell the doughnuts baking.   When everything is ready, it can be a great opportunity to boost the children’s confidence as they get to share what they’ve made with their peers and hear the excitement and compliments of others eating what they have made.   Not that getting kids to eat doughnuts is usually a problem, if it was, being part of the cooking process can help picky eaters to engage with new foods.


I wonder what they’ll be making next Monday.  I better clear my calendar at snack time…

June 30, 2014

“A Huge Step Forward” – The dedication of the Hoehl Family Building at 50 Joy Drive

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“Lund has been a mainstay in caring for women and children for many decades in Vermont.  Today we make a huge step forward in making these services comprehensive, more organized and more available.  Today we set ourselves on a course for the 21st Century.”

The Honorable Howard Dean, Honorary Co-Chair of the 50 Joy Drive Capital Campaign.

“For me, it’s pretty simple.  It’s not about a building.  It’s about providing hope and opportunity for every child.”

T.J. Donovan, Capital Campaign Co-Chair.

Thursday June 26th was a day of joy and celebration at Lund as we officially dedicated the Hoehl Family Building at 50 Joy Drive.  Lund’s adoption, parent child center, community treatment, early education, and  high school completion programs and the business and development offices are located in this building.  Lund launched a capital campaign in the early summer of 2012 and moved into the building in October of that same year.  The new building allows clients to access integrated services in one location and the spaces were all custom designed to efficiently house the programs.  No longer are programs and services spread out amongst various inadequate and expensive rental spaces.  Everyone at Lund is very grateful to all the generous supporters of the 50 Joy Drive Capital Campaign.

Executive Director of Lund, Barbara Rachelson, gave a little history of how Lund came to Joy Drive, “Everyone worked out of Glen Road and we had a lot of people working in the basement.  Our child care center frequently flooded and not always with just water.  Our New Horizons Educational Program had a blue tarp that we kept over the computers because we so often had water flooding down from above.  We moved out into temporary space and by temporary, I mean about seven years.  When Jim [Pizzagalli] gave us a tour of this building, I was ecstatic.  The timing was uncanny and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be the perfect home for the rest of Lund.  I was over the moon when I realized that our address would be on Joy Drive.  I cannot think of a more fitting address given the work that Lund does bringing joy to children and families, often for the first time.”

Barbara Rachelson tells the tale of how Lund arrived at 50 Joy Drive and left the blue tarp days behind.

Barbara Rachelson tells the tale of how Lund arrived at 50 Joy Drive and left the blue tarp days behind.  (Photo: Alison Redlich)

President Elect of the Lund Board of Trustees, Sara Byers, who introduced the speaking program also referred to joy and especially the joy that she personally has experienced through Lund’s programs, “Lund’s work does make a difference.  By being here today, by supporting this building, by supporting Lund’s work, you too are making a difference.  You too are helping to bring joy to the lives of families just like my own.”

The Co-Chairs of the 50 Joy Drive Capital Campaign, Melinda Moulton and T.J. Donovan also spoke during the ceremony.  Melinda told of the 124 year history of Lund and invited the more than 100 attendees to share in this special history “that has served our community was passion, empathy, shared purpose, team work and social justice”.  T.J. spoke from his position in the criminal justice system, “Folks like me and others in child protective services, we will do our part but our best hope, our best defense, is to support programs like Lund.  They make the difference with early intervention and giving people who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues a chance. This is where we are going to make a difference in this state to give everybody, every child and every family the opportunity for success.”

Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott and Campaign Co-Chair Melinda Moulton share a moment of joy.

Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott and Campaign Co-Chair Melinda Moulton share a moment of joy. (Photo: Alison Redlich)

Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott was also in attendance and spoke about the statewide reach of Lund’s services,  “One fact about Lund that struck me was the number of individuals and families that you have helped over the last year.  Almost 5000 people and when you consider that over the period of Lund’s history, that’s an astronomical number.  How lucky we are to have a non-profit like Lund to take on this monumental task of helping so many Vermonters.  I can’t imagine where we would be without them.”  Congratulatory statements were read from The Honorable Howard Dean and Governor Peter Shumlin, both of whom were traveling and could not be present.

The Honorable Jim Douglas, who was also an honorary Co-Chair of the Campaign, officially dedicated the building as the Hoehl Family Building in recognition of The Hoehl Family Foundation’s generous leadership gift of $1 million to the campaign.   He thanked the foundation for their generosity,”The foundation was started in 1993 by Bob and Cynthia [Hoehl] to enrich the lives of the people in our great state.  They have affected the lives of so many people in Vermont and I thank them for their leadership.” He then invited the assembled guests outside the building to “destroy a perfectly good ribbon” and officially open the building.

The leadership of the 50 Joy Drive Capital Campaign cut the ribbon and officially dedicate the building.

The leadership of the 50 Joy Drive Capital Campaign cut the ribbon and officially dedicate the building.  (Photo: Alison Redlich)

The rain had stopped and the sun was shining as guests took tours of the building and shared in the celebration.  Meanwhile behind the doors of the Early Childhood Education Program, mostly unaware of the large amount of guests milling around out front, the children were finishing their snack of apples and crackers and getting ready to play outside.  Downstairs mothers were about to start work on the lab reports in science class and as the celebrations wrapped up the adoption workers, family educators, case managers, clinicians and others went back to their work helping the women, children and families of Vermont.  After ribbons have been cut and the photos taken, the important, life-changing work carries on here at Lund, for another 124 years and more.

June 13, 2014

“Take every opportunity you are presented with.” – Honoring Ceremony at New Horizons

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Students, teachers, family and friends had reason to celebrate on Tuesday as New Horizons Educational Program held the Honoring Ceremony to honor graduates, those who made academic progress and the participants in our teen pregnancy prevention outreach program.  Less than half of teen mothers graduate from high school  ( because it’s incredibly difficult to juggle parenthood and school.  Our students have worked so hard to meet the challenges they face.  A high school diploma is a key step towards future success for themselves and their families.  As one graduate said, “I don’t want to be the mom telling my kids to stay in school and to graduate when I didn’t do it myself.”

Barbara Rachelson, Executive Director of Lund, began the ceremony with words of welcome and advised the students to remember that they can and should learn something every day.  Vermont State Treasurer Beth Pearce was one of the keynote speakers and she spoke about the importance of financial literacy and making plans for the future recognizing that graduation was the an essential starting step towards this future.  The second keynote speaker was Lund graduate Maghon Luman who currently works at the Community Justice Center in the Offender Reentry program which provides support to people leaving prison.  She spoke of how, at 23 years old, she had everything she could have wanted – a great job, nice house, car, loving husband and baby daughter – but how becoming an addict took all that from her.  She credits her recovery and her current success as an employed and stable parent to her commitment to embracing every opportunity.  “Take every opportunity you are presented with and if there isn’t an opportunity, make one for yourself.  Work hard to create the chances you need and be persistent.”  She also offered her congratulations to the students, “Whatever you have completed today, school, a grade or even a class, be very proud of yourself.”


Maghon addresses the crowd.

New Horizons teacher, Kathy Rossman, presented six young women with their high school diplomas and echoed Barbara’s statement by urging them to continue their education every day and to educate their children as well.  Certificates were also awarded to students who had made academic progress and to those who had participated in Lund’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Outeach Program.  Laura May Ackley who runs this program takes willing young mothers to schools to present the reality of teen pregnancy.  It is such a powerful teaching tool for students but can also be scary and sensitive for the moms presenting.  “I’ve seen your moments of weakness and I’ve seen your strengths,” said Laura May.  “I’ve seen your beauty and I’ve seen your scars.  Thank you for sharing your stories.”

Crystal Parent, one of the six graduates, was presented with the Kit Stone Humanitarian Award which is awarded each year to a young woman who had taken opportunities presented to her and made them work for herself, her family, her peers and her community.  Crystal is a successful graduate of New Horizons and recently left Lund’s residential program where she had been living with her two children.  Shes is now participating in a food services training program and learning valuable skills for future employment.  Treasurer Pearce read a letter from Governor Peter Shumlin congratulating Crystal on her achievement, “Completing one’s diploma is a major milestone, but I understand that you did not stop at educating yourself; you went on to share your knowledge with others at outreach events across Vermont.  I commend you for your hard work, for giving back to the community, and for you commitment to your future.”

Crystal with Vermont State Treasurer Beth Pearce as she reads a letter from Governor Shumlin.

Crystal with Vermont State Treasurer Beth Pearce as she reads a letter from Governor Shumlin.

By coming to New Horizons Educational Program and juggling the complexities of being a young mother, each of these students is showing their commitment to being in the 50% that do graduate from high school.  They are doing it for their themselves, of course, but more importantly they are doing it for their children.

Graduation Day for one hard working student, seen here with NHEP teacher Kathy Rossman.

Graduation Day for one hard working student, seen here with NHEP teacher Kathy Rossman.

To see a wonderful news coverage of this event, please click here

June 3, 2014

6th Annual Lund Ride for Children

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Many people said it was the best bike ride yet.  Perhaps it was the beautiful weather – clear blue skies and sunshine.  Perhaps it was the live band – Something with Strings featuring one of our very own preschool teachers on harmonica.  Perhaps it was the more than 200 riders who came out to show their support for Vermont’s women, children and families by participating in our bike ride.  Perhaps the great support of our generous sponsors.  Perhaps a combination of all of those things.    Whatever the reason, Sunday June 1st was a very special day for Lund and we are so thankful to everyone who rode, volunteered or sponsored this event.  So far we have raised almost $52,000 and fundraising is still going until the end of June.  The money raised will go directly to support our programs in adoption, treatment, family support and education.

Riders took on the 55 mile route down as far as Grosse Point in Ferrisburgh, the 30 mile route through Charlotte, 16 miles through Shelburne or the 4 mile family ride on the South Burlington bike path.  They were greeted on their return to Joy Drive with a party featuring music, face painting, a bouncy house, burritos from Boloco, Ben and Jerry’s, Local Motion helmet decorating, Liz Lovely cookies, giant chutes and ladders from Let’s Grow Kids and so much more.  Repeat rider and Lund Board Member Sara Byers said, “Looking back at 5 years of riding the Lund bike ride with my husband and daughter, I am overwhelmed by the importance of Lund’s work.  Supporting Lund means that 170 children just last year, who were previously living in foster care, have forever families.  It means that there is a place in Vermont where women can seek help for substance abuse and mental illness WITH their children.  It means that more children thrive, more cycles of poverty, addiction and abuse are broken and more families experience joy.  As the ride departs from Joy Drive, and you feel the pride of knowing you made a difference, you, yourself, are filled with joy.” 

It was a wonderful day celebrating family, exercise, summer and an organization that has been helping Vermont families for over 120 years.   Thank you to our sponsors – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, NBT Bank, PC Construction, Starbucks, Boloco, North Star Sports, Ben and Jerry’s, Local Motion, Fletcher Allen Orthopedics and Rehabilitation,  General Dynamics, Northfield Savings Bank, Shelburne Supermarket, Stoner-Andrews, JB Kennedy Associates, Hannaford, Terry Bicycles, WCAX, Mix 102.3 and Free Press Media.

Enjoy the pictures below.

Enthusiastic 55 mile riders

Enthusiastic 55 mile riders


And they’re off…


Happy family team, ready to hop on the bike path and take on the family ride.


Executive Director of Lund, Barbara Rachelson with Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger as he starts the Family Ride.


Lund Preschool Teacher Collin Cope and his band, ‘Something with Strings’


Seems like summer is here at the Lund Ride for Children

May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Staff at Lund gathered together today to surprise our teachers with treats and thanks for National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Cookies, cards and African violets were delivered to the teachers at Lund’s Early Childhood Program and Lund’s New Horizons Educational Program during their lunch break and a group of staff members shared their appreciation for the work that our teachers do every day.  Associate Director of Residential and Community Treatment Services, Brian Southworth, shared how important meaningful New Horizons is in the students’ lives.  “You know better than any of us how many of the students wouldn’t be in school if it weren’t for you.  They were done with school until they came here and now I hear all the time about how they love school,” he told NHEP teachers Mary Farnsworth and Kathy Rossman.

Mary Farnsworth, Learning Together Coordinator Tammy Santamore and Kathy Rossman display their appreciation cards.

Mary Farnsworth, Learning Together Coordinator Tammy Santamore and Kathy Rossman display their appreciation cards.

The teachers at LECP play a similarly crucial role in their (younger) students lives.  The staff members at Joy Drive are lucky enough to see them at work every day in the playground playing, teaching, singing, loving and exploring with the children.  Those who visit from our other sites vie for seats on the side of the conference room that look out of the window so they can see the playground!

Lund's preschool teachers Ginny Prentiss and Colin Cope with their flowers of appreciation

Lund’s preschool teachers Ginny Prentiss and Colin Cope with their flowers of appreciation

Teachers at Lund have a huge impact outside the classroom.  They are often family educators, cheerleaders, and the conduit for connection to community resources for our families.  They find clothes and supplies for families who need them and go out of their way to help whenever they can.  They do as much as possible to make sure that the children and their parents have what they need to be successful and often represent the only, and extremely important stability, in the lives of our families.

Thank you to the teachers at Lund for all that you do.  We value you today and every single day.

April 7, 2014

“Hello, hello, hello Spiderman” – Music in the Preschool

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I happened to be heading to the Preschool to talk to one of the teachers one Tuesday morning and walked into a lively and entertaining music and movement session that I really had no choice but to join.  Led by enthusiastic volunteer, Julia Smith, this musical playtime happens once a week.  Julia was connected to Lund through her applied internship class at Champlain College and sees her volunteer placement as very connected to her academic interests, “In the future, I am interested in working with young children that have family issues, as well as family systems and dynamics. After talking to my professor and other classmates and researching Lund, I quickly learned it would be a great fit for me.”

Julia has a  quiet and gentle way with the children and holds their interest with a variety of songs and finger rhymes.  The children have already developed their favorites.  “Let’s do the scarves,” they say reaching for props that Julia has brought with her.  “You forgot to do the name song,” says one little girl who has obviously been holding out for her favorite.  Julia discusses which song she means and starts right in.  All the children want a turn with their names and things are running according to standard appellations until one boy stops to think about his name.  Julia knows his name but she doesn’t hurry him, she waits until he decides whether he wants to offer his name or something else.  “Spiderman,” he says.  Without batting an eyelid, Julia sings his verse to him, “Hello, hello, hello Spiderman, nice to see you, nice to see you…”  This, of course, starts a trend.  We sing to ‘National Guard’ next then ‘Cinderella’, ‘Princess Belle’, and ‘Batman Spiderman Sam’.  “Could we just do Batman?” asks Julia. “No,” comes the reply.  So we sing, “Hello, hello, hello, Batman Spiderman Sam, nice to see you, nice to see you.”   Each of the children takes a turn dancing in the middle of the circle dancing or jumping while they are being sung to.  Though Batman Spiderman Sam stays in his spot, absolutely still with a shy but big smile on his face.  He’s had a hard morning and didn’t want to join in with the singing at first.  He backed away from the group and started to get out other toys and was angry with his teacher when she tried to redirect him to the group.  But with the teacher’s guidance, he couldn’t stay disconnected for long.  By the time his turn in the song came, he was completely engaged.

Julia singing and playing with scarves with the preschoolers.

Julia singing and playing with scarves with the preschoolers.

“I think the biggest benefit for the children participating in signing, rhymes, and music together as a group is the high positive energy and uplifting effects that it gives. Children can feel accomplished because they are creating something and doing it as a group creates unity and bonding for those involved,” says Julia.  “I love seeing the joy the children have while singing. I have never seen a singing child that is sad while doing it. It is a great feeling to see the children happy and enjoying themselves.”

Everyone at Lund is very thankful to Julia and the fun music that she brings into the preschool each week.  We could not offer this and so many other opportunities to our children and families without the hard work of the hundreds of volunteers we have each year.   On this first day of National Volunteer Week, thank you Julia and thank you everyone who volunteers at Lund.








February 19, 2014

“We are very thankful to have you at the heart of this community” – Heart of the Community Awards 2014

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It was a cold and snowy night on Thursday February 13, but nothing was to deter  over 200 guests at the Heart of the Community Awards 2014 from celebrating the marvelous achievements  and enduring community impact of The Hoehl Family Foundation, Gene Richards and Dr. Carol Lee Phillips.   It was an evening to celebrate the varied and long standing impact that these three honorees have had on Lund and the wider Burlington community.   The air was one of gratitude to the Hoehls, Gene and Dr. Phillips for what they have done but also gratitude for the important, life saving work that Lund does in the community.

HOC 141

The Heart of the Community 2014 Award Winners – Gene Richards, John Hoehl and Dr. Carol Lee Phillips

The Honorable James H. Douglas presented the award to The Hoehl Family Foundation.  “The Hoehl Family Foundation is improving the lives of Vermonters each and every day and people of this great state are in your debt,” said Douglas.  The Hoehl Family Foundation made a leadership gift to Lund’s 50 Joy Drive Capital Campaign and members of the family have also served on the board and helped with fundraising events.   The foundation also supports numerous other non-profit organizations and educational institutions around Burlington.   John Hoehl, son of founders Bob and Cynthia Hoehl, received the award on behalf of the foundation.  “It’s really us that should thank you guys,” he said, of Lund, “because you make our work more rewarding.  We get to see what my parents set up in action making such a huge difference for the community and for the women that really really need it.”

lund-13-c6 hometown towns

John and Martha Hoehl

Mayor Miro Weinberger took to the stage to present the award to Gene Richards.  “It is a great honor to be here tonight to speak about my friend and colleague Gene Richards,” he said.  “Gene is the most positive person any of us know, he cares about everyone and he cares about everything.  We are all very thankful to have you at the heart of this community.”  Gene served as a board member at Lund and as a volunteer, contributed his expertise and energy in many capacities – from organizing fundraising events to helping transform Lund’s Glen Road residential building.  He has been an outstanding leader in many ways at Lund and at so many other local non-profit organizations.   Upon receiving the award, he told a story about a woman that he met at Lund. “She got pregnant and her foster family kicked her out after she had already been kicked out by her own family.  ‘Today I have a job,’ she told me, ‘I have a daughter, we live at Lund and I am going to college.  But the best part about it is that Lund has given me and my family the skills to be a real family.’  It’s just amazing, these people were able to get through this.  They conquered it with all the difficulties of life.    This is what makes Burlington and the state of Vermont so very special.”

lund-13-c7 hometown towns

Gene Richards with Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger

Dr. Ann Guillot, Chair of the Pediatric Residency Program and a pediatric nephrologist  at FAHC presented the award to Dr. Carol Lee Phillips who was the pediatrician at Lund for over 20 years and the first female Chair of Pediatrics.  She was joined by a number of her colleagues who referred to themselves as ‘Lee Phillips’ followers’ or the ‘Pediatric Travel Club’. “Lee is at the grassroots of what pediatricians can do in this community,” said Dr. Guillot.  “She has taught hundreds of residents and students how to be a pediatrician and how to be a good person. She quietly did what needed to be done at Lund.  She is devoted to the needs of families and the notion of what it takes for a woman to succeed. She is a quietly bold and brilliant community pediatrician, teacher, wife and mother.”  It turns out that this glowing praise was not enough and actually what was really needed to reinforce how wonderful Dr. Lee Phillips actually is, was a song.  Being no stranger to singing, Dr. Lewis First led the Pediatric Travel Club in a rousing version of “My Favorite Things” from ‘The Sound of Music’ because, as he pointed out, “You are certainly one of our favorite things.  You are our favorite, Lee.”   When Dr. Phillips received her award, the few words she spoke were mostly of appreciation for Lund. “I look at what Lund does and the amazing variety of things they do to help children and families flourish and I am in awe.  This is an amazing organization led  by a wonderful director assisted by caring, hardworking people.”

lund-13-c8 hometown towns

Dr. Carol Lee Phillips with Lund’s Executive Director Barbara Rachelson

Lund could not be the organization that it is today without the assistance, love and dedication of The Hoehl Family Foundation, Gene Richards and Dr. Carol Lee Phillips.  Thank you to our wonderful honorees for all they have done.

Thank you to everyone who came to this event and to our sponsors – Main Street Landing, Spruce Mortgage, Wyatt Investment Research, PC Construction, Peoples’ United Bank, LORD Corporation, The Pediatric Travel Club, Hickok and Boardman, Fletcher Allen, UVM College of Medicine, Gravel and Shea, Merrill Lynch, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Liquid Studio, St Michael’s College, and Mirabelle’s.   The funds raised from this event will benefit the programs at Lund and the 50 Joy Drive Capital Campaign.

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